Comemmoration of the bill for the abolition of the slave tradeComemmoration of the bill for the abolition of the slave trade
Bristol. 800 years or so later and, for the twentieth year in succession, William Wilberforce brought a bill before Parliament for the Abolition of the Slave Trade and on 25 March 1807 it received the Royal Assent
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Contemporary Issues Modern Era Web Quest Eisenhower PresidencyContemporary Issues Modern Era Web Quest Eisenhower Presidency
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Who is Al Capone, and what does he have to do with all of this anyway? As you research, you will begin to answer all of these questions and more
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Travel guides to colonial americaTravel guides to colonial america
Great Plains, the Pacific Northwest, the Northeast /Atlantic Coast, the Mississippi Corridor, and the Desert Southwest. The Travel Guides will contain descriptions of the communities that developed and changed over a period of approximately
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Step 1: Read MausStep 1: Read Maus
Holocaust with the authority of a survivor's memories while at the same time telling the story of his family's history and relationships during and after World War II
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Ancient Greece WebquestAncient Greece Webquest
Directions: Use the following websites to answer the following questions. These questions will help you answer your essential inquiry question
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Solar System Formation Web Quest. DirectionsSolar System Formation Web Quest. Directions
A. Please download the app called Gizmo for the app store. You will not need it today, but you should be ready to use it tomorrow
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Biography Project Presidential Poster This project is due onBiography Project Presidential Poster This project is due on
United States of America. After only being introduced to them briefly in our textbook, you are going to research about one of the people listed below to discover more about them
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Possible Topics and Helpful Resources for Genocide Compare/Contrast PaperPossible Topics and Helpful Resources for Genocide Compare/Contrast Paper
For this paper, you will have to compare and contrast the Holocaust with another genocide. This means you will need resources on two genocides
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Medieval Castle Design ProjectMedieval Castle Design Project
Nobles or Royalty who were building it. But even with all these variations there was one thing that all Castle Floor Plans had in common. They were all designed with life or death in mind
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Theme B: Conflicts and Cooperation in the Twentieth-Century WorldTheme B: Conflicts and Cooperation in the Twentieth-Century World
Theme b of the History Curriculum and Assessment Guide (S 4-6) (2007). The sample tasks included in this booklet demonstrate different ways of conducting assessment for learning
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Local history lesson planLocal history lesson plan
This lesson is entitled Voices of the Past: Child Labor in the Textile Mills of South Carolina and it is designed for the fifth grade and specifically related to South Carolina curriculum and standards
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Cinco de Mayo WebquestCinco de Mayo Webquest
Directions: Use the Internet to answer the following question. Use a separate sheet of paper. To receive full credit you will need to have thoughtful and thorough answers
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Economic Events Leading to the Holocaust RubricEconomic Events Leading to the Holocaust Rubric
We will briefly touch upon many episodes that our nation shaped. In American government, we are going to take a few of those events & look at them in depth. The first one that we will look at will be the Holocaust
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Spontaneous Generation Notes Outline Spontaneous GenerationSpontaneous Generation Notes Outline Spontaneous Generation
Spontaneous Generation is also known as known as
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