Olav Bjerke Soldal Political ScienceOlav Bjerke Soldal Political Science
Considering post World War II historical change, is it still relevant to consider the nation-state as a central concept in politics?
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The sermon on the mountThe sermon on the mount
Christ as the Fulfiller of the promises made to Israel and the prophecies which related to their Messiah. This is why the word “fulfilled” occurs in Matthew fifteen times
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Pih curriculum matrixPih curriculum matrix
U. S. and World History with links to model curriculum units for each topic-specific question. Many of these questions apply to other social studies subjects as well
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Federal governmentFederal government
Cuba, not the United States and Cuba. The counterplan removes all barriers to private engagement but doesn’t engage governmentally. Some of the solvency deficits (embassy creation, for example) aren’t topical – so be sure to call bluffs
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Explaining Filipino Deprofessionalization By Dr. Philip KellyExplaining Filipino Deprofessionalization By Dr. Philip Kelly
A lot of attention has been focused on this issue in academia, the mainstream media, and even in policy circles. But the specific circumstances of Filipino immigrants has not been addressed, until now
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