Cuneiform (kyoo-nee-uh-fohrm), the world’s first system of writingCuneiform (kyoo-nee-uh-fohrm), the world’s first system of writing
Instead, they used sharp tools called styluses to make wedge-shaped symbols on clay tablets
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America! From sea to shining seaAmerica! From sea to shining sea
As rich and varied as our land is, so too is the population of the United States. Yet while we come from different backgrounds, we share many things in common. We are, for example, united by our belief in freedom and justice for all
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Sumerian Achievements The Invention of WritingSumerian Achievements The Invention of Writing
The Sumerians made one of the greatest cultural advances in history. They developed cuneiform (kyoo -nee uh- fohrm), the world’s first system of writing. But Sumerians did not have pencils, pens, or paper
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Local history collectionLocal history collection
Lhc. This collection includes titles of South Windsor, Hartford County and the State of Connecticut. The titles that are listed under South Windsor sometimes include the towns of Windsor, East Windsor, and South Windsor
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History 2017 Canadian Pre-Confed. Sept 11, 2009History 2017 Canadian Pre-Confed. Sept 11, 2009
These people all have their own biases and so the history they recorded may be shaped by their expectations and traditions thus making their conclusions problematic for modern historians
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