By John van WyheBy John van Wyhe
Charles Gibbon, The Life of George Combe: Author of "The Constitution of Man.", 2 vols., Macmillan and Co., London, 1878
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“Clive Bell” by Henry Lamb, Bell lived: 1881-1964 Clive Bell“Clive Bell” by Henry Lamb, Bell lived: 1881-1964 Clive Bell
Bell on Moore "Mr. Moore [asks] what things are good in themselves, as ends that is to say. He comes to a conclusion with which we all agree…"states of mind,"… alone are good as end."
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Toc quarters vs University db acToc quarters vs University db ac
Alan Gewirth (UChi Prof) “the ontological basis of natural law: a critique and an alternative.” 29 American Journal of Jurisprudence. 95. 1984. HeinOnline
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Art (1914) by Clive BellArt (1914) by Clive Bell
Landseer (1802-73) frequently painted pet dogs; Giotto (c. 1267 1337) was an influential Italian fresco painter
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Matthew Murphy Alejandra IannoneMatthew Murphy Alejandra Iannone
I will be defining the Term beauty I will summarize Bell’s work on the idea and assess that information. Then I will give my own answer to define beauty
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