Texts for the Australian curriculumTexts for the Australian curriculum
Ais annual English Teachers' Conference 2011. Helen gave two presentations one on Asian texts and one on indigenous texts. The notes cover those two areas, plus some suggestions about texts related to sustainability and, at the end
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Dante: inferno one: layers cantos 1-3Dante: inferno one: layers cantos 1-3
They set off, although Dante suddenly feels too diffident to go on, since he is not Aeneas nor Paul, until it is clarified for him that Beatrice, who represents grace, has initiated the venture
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North carolina general assembly 1961 sessionNorth carolina general assembly 1961 session
Ble john f. Kennedy, president of the united states to participate in the dedicatory exercises of the restored bennett house near durham, north carolina, on october 12, 1961, while visiting the university of north carolina at chapel hill
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Enlightening if: Andrew Plotkin\Enlightening if: Andrew Plotkin's "Shade"
Douglass, Jeremy. "Enlightening if : Andrew Plotkin's Shade." Eds. Noah Wardrip-Fruin, and Pat Harrigan. Cambridge, ma: mit press, 2006. Forthcoming 2006
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«Quel langage pour un pasteur!»1 The Rhetoric of Convent Theatre during the French Revolution«Quel langage pour un pasteur!»1 The Rhetoric of Convent Theatre during the French Revolution
Jacques-Marie Boutet, dit Monvel, Les Victimes Cloitrées, première le 29 mars, 1791
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Alison Douglass Scholarly EssayAlison Douglass Scholarly Essay
Renaissance woman. It is debatable whether or not they exemplify the ideal of the perfect early modern woman; however, the play seems to suggest that the values society holds women up to are actually killing them
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King Lear Notes Themes in generalKing Lear Notes Themes in general
Shakespeare felt that a suffering of mental disturbance could transform a characters’ view on themselves – madness being a catalyst of beneficial change
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Rebirth and Renewal in Shakespeare\Rebirth and Renewal in Shakespeare's King Lear
Thus, most bastards in the drama of the day were driven to achieve what they believed was rightfully theirs even though the customs of the day did not acknowledge that to be the case
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