Andrew Jackson’s Shifting Legacy by Daniel FellerAndrew Jackson’s Shifting Legacy by Daniel Feller
A vindication of the Character and Public Services of Andrew Jackson, by Henry Lee
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Regionalism, Regime Transformation, and PronasolRegionalism, Regime Transformation, and Pronasol
Carlos Salinas (1988 to 1994) to his successor, Ernesto Zedillo (1994-2000). This decline has opened the way for more complex forms of centre-periphery bargaining in which regional power contenders have gained substantial leverage
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Presidential administrationPresidential administration
But at different times, one or another has come to the fore and asserted at least a comparative primacy in setting the direction and influencing the outcome of administrative process. In this time, that institution is the Presidency
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The Bureaucracy Chapter SummaryThe Bureaucracy Chapter Summary
The federal bureaucracy in the United States enjoys a greater degree of autonomy than in other countries because of its size, the federal system, and lack of ownership of enterprises
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