Chick-fil-a: can a chicken sandwich make aChick-fil-a: can a chicken sandwich make a
However, when the journalist from Baptist Press asked Cathy a fairly innocuous question about his views on the family, a firestorm erupted throughout the country over the acceptable definition of a family in the Twenty-First Century
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The Ethics of Marketing to Children Margarita OksenkrugThe Ethics of Marketing to Children Margarita Oksenkrug
In 2002, approximately $15 billion was spent in the U. S. on marketing communications directly targeted at children. This included television and print advertising, product placements, sales promotions, packaging design, public relations
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Teaching american history projectTeaching american history project
Inquiry – (What essential question are students answering, what problem are they solving, or what decision are they making?)
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Course descriptionsCourse descriptions
Prehistory of North America; Paleoindians, Eastern United States, Southwest, Mexico; archaeological methods and theory
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Day 3 Lesson PlanDay 3 Lesson Plan
Ush 6 Identify the contributions to American culture made by individuals and groups
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Intellectual Exercises for the Common Reading, Eric Schlosser’sIntellectual Exercises for the Common Reading, Eric Schlosser’s
I would like the students to consider why it is vitally important to understand Schlosser’s historical comparisons with earlier American muckraking and the historical context in which the following queries are presented as intellectual exercises to do from
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