Once in power, he eliminated all opposition and launched an ambitious program of world domination and elimination of the Jews, paralleling ideas he advanced in his book, Mein Kampf. His 1
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Galileo Galilei Biography Astronomer, ScientistGalileo Galilei Biography Astronomer, Scientist
Italian scientist and scholar Galileo made pioneering observations that laid the foundation for modern physics and astronomy
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John d. RockefellerJohn d. Rockefeller
How did he get it, the eager youth asks, and asking, strives to imitate him as nearly as ability and patience permit. Thus he has become an inspirer of American ideals
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Notes towards a women\Notes towards a women's walking tour of the east end
Based on research by Clare Manifold 1979; published in 'Reclaim our Past’ Spare Rib #87 October 1979
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Revised 4/14/04 IntroductionRevised 4/14/04 Introduction
It’s not clear whether the previous two generations accompanied him. From Civil War records we know that William and Sarah’s son, Captain John Dixon, raised his troops from adjacent Mercer County, so possibly the family moved yet again
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The InterpreterThe Interpreter
Jls/ols instructors and graduates to the War effort in the Pa­cific and the Cold War, to the creation of East Asian language programs across the country
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