British ConstitutionBritish Constitution
Habeas Corpus Act, the Bill of Rights, and the Act of Settlement are the leading enactments; but they are in no sense a constitutional code
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Force-feeding Asylum SeekersForce-feeding Asylum Seekers
S]urely one cannot describe the overpowering effect of moral pressure exerted by love, truth, or right by the term coercion as it is commonly understood … Is it coercion … to credit the opponent with finer feelings and evoke them by
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Guide to Family Law CourtsGuide to Family Law Courts
Financial Remedy (formerly known as ‘ancillary relief’) – financial provisions after divorce or relationship breakdown
Guide 69.24 Kb. 1
Explaining Deviance: The Act true/falseExplaining Deviance: The Act true/false
Social theories of crime largely replaced biological theories of crime by the mid-20th century
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Giving Birth Is Not the Vocation of WomenGiving Birth Is Not the Vocation of Women
On top of that, there are many adverse effects after childbirth; women’s physical health declines, career breaks, mental illness occurs, and marital relationships worsen
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