For immediate release for more informationFor immediate release for more information
The art scene in Harlem from 1919 to approximately 1940 provided a creative haven for African Americans and encouraged a melding of art, music, literature and poetry giving rise to the term “Harlem Renaissance.”
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Oct 2012 – 29th Nov Private view 8Oct 2012 – 29th Nov Private view 8
Join Cooltan Arts for a series of free exhibitions exploring the life, work and heritage of Charles Dickens
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December 2009 Dear Sakonnet Area ArtistDecember 2009 Dear Sakonnet Area Artist
Special Exhibition of the Little Compton Historical Society. The exhibition will focus on the early history of Little Compton from 1600-1820 and will celebrate the release of noted author Janet Lisle’s book titled The History of Little
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Great Exhibition of the North: guidance for bidding venuesGreat Exhibition of the North: guidance for bidding venues
Great Exhibition of the North. It sets out the overall objectives of the Great Exhibition of the North, explains the process and timescale, the information that bids should include, and the criteria against which they will be evaluated
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