Law, Social Justice & Global DevelopmentLaw, Social Justice & Global Development
Citation: Paliwala, a ‘Irresolutions of Modernity, Law, Nation and Empire: a reading of Fitzpatrick’s Modernism and the Grounds of Law in Conjunction with Hardt and Negri’s Empire’, 2003 (1) Law
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Review of Will Kymlicka’s Multicultural CitizenshipReview of Will Kymlicka’s Multicultural Citizenship
Bibliographische Beschreibung: Haist, Allana: “Securing Diversity: a review of Will Kymlicka’s Multicultural Citizenship”, Dissertation, Technische Universität Chemnitz, 2011. 316 Seiten, 1 Abbildung, 0 Tabellen
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Curriculum vitae Name: Eric Kaufmann AddressCurriculum vitae Name: Eric Kaufmann Address
Professor of Politics, Birkbeck College, University of London, 2011-present. Director of Masters Programme in Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict since 2005
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David LawdayDavid Lawday
Britain and France. This too is strange. For the two countries are part of a Europe being knit together into a society in which citizens who do come in contact with the police may legitimately expect some coherence of treatment wherever
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Syllabus: Comparative History of Empire in Modern and Contemporary HistorySyllabus: Comparative History of Empire in Modern and Contemporary History
American War of Independence, the Habsburg Empire, the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, the Ottoman Empire, the Japanese Empire through the wwii
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Reading List –modern european historyReading List –modern european history
Why did unification and the emergence of the nation-form occur so late in Germany? In Italy?
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