Advanced Accounting Significant influence effects: Coca-ColaAdvanced Accounting Significant influence effects: Coca-Cola
December 31, 2007, Coca-Cola used the equity method to account for its 35% interest in Coca-Cola Enterprises (cce). For the year ended December 31, 2007, Coca-Cola reported net income of $5,981 million, 2,313 million average common shares
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Chapter 11: HighlightsChapter 11: Highlights
For example, a business may invest (in the short term) some of its excess cash in income-yielding securiĀ­ties such as bonds or stocks. A business may also invest in securities intending to hold them for a longer period
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Securities and exchange commissionSecurities and exchange commission
This Form 8-K/A amends Item 7 of Vornado Realty L. P.'s current report on Form 8-K, dated August 12, 1998, as previously filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on February 12, 1999
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Chapter 13: HighlightsChapter 13: Highlights
Property, Plant, and Equipment. When a company owns sufficient number of shares to control another company, it prepares consolidated financial statements
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Accounting ChangesAccounting Changes
Gaap method. In this module, we will briefly discuss changes in accounting estimates and entities and accounting errors; we will focus primarily on changes in accounting principle
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