Law, Social Justice & Global DevelopmentLaw, Social Justice & Global Development
Order: Law, Politics and Globalization, currently under publication in the inaugural issue of twil, the Third World and International Law, Volume 1, Number 1
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Boron, Atilio A.; Lechini, Gladys. IntroductionBoron, Atilio A.; Lechini, Gladys. Introduction
A.; Lechini, Gladys. Introduction. En libro: Politics and Social Movements in an Hegemonic World: Lessons from Africa, Asia and Latin America. Boron, Atilio A.; Lechini, Gladys
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The Sociology of International Precedent Harlan Grant Cohen I. IntroductionThe Sociology of International Precedent Harlan Grant Cohen I. Introduction
Noteref ref363122815 \h \* mergeformat and this doctrinal understanding is no accident. In creating international tribunals, states have been careful to retain as much control as possible over the final meaning of their obligations and consent noteref ref363122815 \h
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