Alain Locke: Faith and PhilosophyAlain Locke: Faith and Philosophy
Research Department on behalf of the Universal House of Justice, which has given invaluable assistance not only for this project, but for the research in my previous books, Symbol and Secret
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Chapter OneChapter One
Eliot calls, in the second stanza of ‘Caprice’ the ‘unexpected charm’ and ‘unexplained repose’ of the blighted urban landscape, Ashbery’s ‘thousand tenement windows’ recalling, of course
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No Comedy for Old MenNo Comedy for Old Men
No Comedy’ will be hosted at the stylish Meridian venue on Leith Walk from the 31st July until the 16th August. The showcase will be a highlight of the Free Festival which last year featured some 130 shows across a dozen venues
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The Beat GenerationThe Beat Generation
Some dismissed the Beat Generation’s literature as mere provocation – a means to get attention, not serious art. Time has proven that the cultural impact of the Beat writers was far from short-lived
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Radicalism and Reactionary Politics in AmericaRadicalism and Reactionary Politics in America
States Code governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted materials including foreign works under certain conditions
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