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To the peoples of the ancient world, the characteristic manifestations of civilization—government, literature, science, and art—were necessarily products of
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#1 Arts and Crafts of Ancient Egyptians#1 Arts and Crafts of Ancient Egyptians
How did the innovations of ancient Egypt impact its neighbors and future civilizations?
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The Fertile Crescent: Crossroads of the WorldThe Fertile Crescent: Crossroads of the World
The Valley lies in the eastern end of the Crescent, an area that stretches in a large arc from the Gulf to the Sea
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The Great Pyramid-Ancient Egypt RevisitedThe Great Pyramid-Ancient Egypt Revisited
Egyptian pyramids. Do we really need another one? For a book like John Romer’s The Great Pyramid—Ancient Egypt Revisited, the answer is a resounding yes. Romer’s elegant prose and meticulous scholarship reveal a view of pyramids and their builders unlike
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