An Anglosphere PrimerAn Anglosphere Primer
Thus persons or communities who happen to communicate or do business in English are not necessarily part of the Anglosphere, unless their cultural values have also been shaped by those values of the historical English-speaking civilization
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Mexican Texas, 1821-1836Mexican Texas, 1821-1836
Agustín de Iturbide established himself as emperor. A young military commander named Antonio López de Santa Anna entered Mexico’s political arena for the first time, denounced Iturbide and eventually removed him from power in March 1823
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A summons to memphis* Exploring the Life and Times of The Reverend Mr. George White (1802 1887)A summons to memphis* Exploring the Life and Times of The Reverend Mr. George White (1802 1887)
Trinity Church, Florence, Alabama. In 1858, he removed to Calvary Church in Memphis, which he served valiantly during the War Between the States and the yellow fever outbreak of 1878, which took his son
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Literary Criticism Schools of TheoryLiterary Criticism Schools of Theory
Depending on the lens or theory you select, different aspects of the story will be foregrounded or backgrounded. These lenses help readers to better understand different messages an author conveys
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The future of urban America in the global economyThe future of urban America in the global economy
American Planning Association. Journal of the American Planning Association; Chicago; Spring 1996; Stegman, Michael A; Turner, Margery Austin
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V. lecture notesV. lecture notes
Information technology capability enables managers to manage organizational interdependence to meet business needs. Information technology such as telecommunications, networks
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Recent articles and researchRecent articles and research
Where articles are available on an open access platform, articles will be hyperlinked on De Rebus Digital
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Federal court of australia mission Accomplished? A perspective onFederal court of australia mission Accomplished? A perspective on
I am facing the dilemma of either causing the motor company to declare a dividend and thus visit me and my fellow shareholders with a massive personal tax liability or not do so and so see the company incur a massive tax liability in respect of
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Indentured ServantsIndentured Servants
Est settlers soon realized that they had lots of land to care for, but no one to care for it. With passage to the Colonies expensive for all but the wealthy
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The New Deal—Helpful or Hurtful?The New Deal—Helpful or Hurtful?
Federal Emergency Relief Administration (fera), Tennessee Valley Authority (tva), and Social Security. Good or bad, the idea that “something must be done” influenced the New Deal from 1933 through 1936 and public confidence increased
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America: Past and Present, 9e (Divine et al.) Chapter 12 The Pursuit of PerfectionAmerica: Past and Present, 9e (Divine et al.) Chapter 12 The Pursuit of Perfection
The religious group shown above was one of the several new faith-based communal societies that emerged in the 1830s from which of the following?
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Traveler: Fukuzawa YûkichiTraveler: Fukuzawa Yûkichi
Analysis and Outside Sources sections. Each section is designed to build upon the one before it, taking you progressively deeper into the subject you are studying
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Understanding internal controlsUnderstanding internal controls
Roles vary with responsibility, however, Business Officers play a key role in assuring that high standards of business and ethical practices are followed because they are ultimately responsible for the appropriate use and control of the resources entrusted
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A new Era in Man\A new Era in Man's Understanding of Nature's Forces
To bring the war to an end, to give peace to the world (…) at the cost of a few explosions, seemed, after all our toils2 and perils, a miracle. The end of the Japanese war no longer depended upon the pouring in3 of (the Russian) armies
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