Citizenship, Ethnicity and Identity: British Pakistanis after the 2001 \Citizenship, Ethnicity and Identity: British Pakistanis after the 2001 'riots'. Yasmin Hussain and Paul Bagguley working paper july 2003
British identity as 'British citizen' with the 'natural rights' of a British born citizen. In contrast the first generation migrants from Pakistan express identifies as 'denizens' living but not belonging in a foreign country who remain because their children are
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What was the Marshall Plan? SummaryWhat was the Marshall Plan? Summary
Truman Doctrine promised to ‘support free peoples’ (March 1947), General George Marshall went to Europe. He was shocked by what he saw. Europe was ruined and – after the coldest winter in record – starving
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Aislinn p-hallinan History hl 28/08/07Aislinn p-hallinan History hl 28/08/07
Aryanism to hereditary functions and beliefs. Although Hitler sought for a classless society, which was clearly not possible, it was “the most consistent, coherent and revolutionary aspect of Nazism”
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The American Civil War identities secessionThe American Civil War identities secession
Richmond, Virginia. The Union was thus divided approximately on geographic lines. Twenty-one northern and border states retained the style and title of the United States
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Chapter 3 — property, geography, and british columbia’s courtsChapter 3 — property, geography, and british columbia’s courts
Citation: Tina Loo, Making Law, Order and Authority in British Columbia 1821-1871 (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1994), pp. 54-72
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Cost of the Cold WarCost of the Cold War
The best way to term the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union would be as a complete disaster, on both sides of the coin. The capital from both countries went to the arms race not into infrastructure
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I dont see much future for the America. It\I dont see much future for the America. It's a decayed country
Cold War. Almost one in every five (always write out numbers ten and under) homes had been destroyed, the economic infrastructure had greatly collapsed, and inflation was inevitable. With a shortage of food
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Name: Core: The Marshall Plan (1948)Name: Core: The Marshall Plan (1948)
When World War II ended in 1945, Europe lay in ruins: its cities were shattered
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