1. 0 Introduction1. 0 Introduction
European Community (Pollack 1993). Whilst geography has destined Ireland to remain small and peripheral, our history as a people has mapped the country’s identity altogether differently. On a state visit to Sweden in April 1998
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Irish Soldiers in the First World War Irish Soldiers in the Battle of the SommeIrish Soldiers in the First World War Irish Soldiers in the Battle of the Somme
Battle exceeded one million. This included the deaths of some 3,500 Irishmen from all parts of this island. However, to fully understand and do justice to the significance what happened at the Somme
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Enabling the Autumn SeedEnabling the Autumn Seed
James Connolly of the Easter Rising and the h-block Hunger Strikers shared another vision; the renewal of An Ghaeilge, the ancestral Irish language as the right of an oppressed nation and the vessel of Irish thought and outlook
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The Irish Question a blended lessonThe Irish Question a blended lesson
Here follows my unit on the Irish Question, which I present to my fifth year students while dealing with the main issues of the beginning of the 20th century
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Translation and Political EngagementTranslation and Political Engagement
Venuti 's contribution to the discourse of translation and engagement. The article concludes with the identification of characteristics shared by translation movements that have effectively contributed to political engagement and
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The Transcendence of Conflict in Northern IrelandThe Transcendence of Conflict in Northern Ireland
This paper explores the roots of the Northern Ireland conflict, the factors that led to the landmark Good Friday Agreement, and finally the issues left to be resolved now that a commitment to peace has been made
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Kathleen McStay Monmouth CollegeKathleen McStay Monmouth College
The Peace Process in Northern Ireland and Its Applicability to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
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The Northern Ireland Troubles: incore background paperThe Northern Ireland Troubles: incore background paper
Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland on Friday 22 May 1998. In December 1999 a legislative Assembly of both unionist and nationalist politicians was finally set up to share power in Northern Ireland
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Foundation study 2: influence of religion in australian society from 1901 to the presentFoundation study 2: influence of religion in australian society from 1901 to the present
You will learn about the responses by some religious traditions to social change and initiatives in community development from 1901 to the present, through their role in wars
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When Irish Archivists are SmilingWhen Irish Archivists are Smiling
United Kingdom in the twentieth century. As a result, Dublin is the site of several archives that might prove pertinent to the research agendas of individuals that belong to the Society for the Historians of American Foreign Relations
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World War, the division of IrelandWorld War, the division of Ireland
In 1916 all of Ireland was under British Rule. The First World Was, known at the time as the Great War, had broken out in 1914. Britain was at war with Germany. Many young Irish men joined the British Army to defend Britain and the Empire
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John m. ReganJohn m. Regan
Published by Blackwell Publishing Ltd., 9600 Garsington Road, Oxford ox4 2DQ, uk and 350 Main Street, Malden, ma 02148, usa
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Faculty of Arts Department of English and American StudiesFaculty of Arts Department of English and American Studies
Protestant and Catholic, as I think all of them had their share in how the Irish nationality developed. I would like to add some historical background information that is essential for understanding opinions and views of some particular person
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