Uks2 Topic: Invaders And Settlers: Anglo-Saxons Block F: Kings And LawsUks2 Topic: Invaders And Settlers: Anglo-Saxons Block F: Kings And Laws
King Ethelbert, King Offa and King Alfred. Gain a deeper understanding of the timeline of events of the later kings. Learn about the system of law and order and the class system
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Slavery: a world-Wide View, Then and NowSlavery: a world-Wide View, Then and Now
While slavery is no longer legal in any country, millions of people, male and female, children and adults, are forced to work, are not paid for their labor, and, through the threat of force or because of tradition
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British history tallinn french schoolBritish history tallinn french school
By about 6000 bc the melting of the ice sheet had created the English Channel, and Britain became an island
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Towne Family Tour 4th – 12th September 2012Towne Family Tour 4th – 12th September 2012
Arrival at Holiday Inn Hotel (Bath Road/Sipson Way) Heathrow Airport for overnight stay. Meal in Holiday Inn Restaurant from 6pm not covered by tfa
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Ashford Green Corridor Heritage ProjectAshford Green Corridor Heritage Project
Stour Valley. Funding for this heritage project was made available by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Special thanks to the teachers and pupils at Oak Tree Primary School for all their hard work and to the residents and community groups of Ashford for their
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Interesting FactInteresting Fact
The only time when there was no King or Queen in Britain was when the country was a republic between 1649 and 1660
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Medieval europeMedieval europe
Climate: Europe generally has milder weather than parts of Asia and North America at the same latitude. This is due to the winds warmed by the Gulf Stream
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