Aerosols: Tiny Particles, Big ImpactAerosols: Tiny Particles, Big Impact
They drift in Earth’s atmosphere from the stratosphere to the surface and range in size from a few nanometers—less than the width of the smallest viruses—to several tens of micrometers—about the diameter of human hair
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The Project Gutenberg ebook of The Group Mind, by William McDougallThe Project Gutenberg ebook of The Group Mind, by William McDougall
L’une est dans le passé, l’autre dans le présent. L’une est la possession en commun d’un riche legs de souvenirs; l’autre est le consentement actuel, le désir de vivre ensemble
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Nequalities of the International Coffee TradeNequalities of the International Coffee Trade
I'd like to tell people in your place that the drink they are enjoying is the cause of all our problems. We grow it with our sweat and sell it for nothing (Oxfam, 2007)
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Reply of the Federal GovernmentReply of the Federal Government
Earnest Inquiry of Representatives Hermann Groehe, Dr. Heiner Geissler, Monika Brudlewsky, Dr. Christian Schwaz-Schilling, Matthaeus Strebl, Dr. Norbert Bluem, Rainer Eppelmann, Hubert Hueppe, Hans-Peter Repnik, Dr
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Office: Wyatt 128Office: Wyatt 128
Office Hours: m 12-1, w 10-11, Fr 1-3 and by appt
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Globalization and democratization: friends or foes?Globalization and democratization: friends or foes?
For Publication in Marc Plattner, ed., International Relations and Democracy
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Law, Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear EnergyLaw, Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Energy
Even more important, was the dissenting opinion of the Vice President of the Court, Judge C. G. Weeramantry. The learned judge’s dissent remains today the most complete repudiation of the idea that nuclear weapons have any legal standing in modern
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What is Economic Inequality?What is Economic Inequality?
For presentation at the conference ‘Equality and Social Inclusion in the 21st Century’, Belfast, 1-3 February 2006
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What factors to crime in a community? How can we reduce crime in a community?What factors to crime in a community? How can we reduce crime in a community?
Chilenski, Sarah M., Amy K. Syvertsen, and Mark T. Greenberg. "Understanding The Link Between Social Organization And Crime In Rural Communities." Journal Of Rural & Community Development, 2015. Academic Search Premier. Web. 30 No
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Daniel J. Hansen: Drug Policy: Why Legalization Should PrevailDaniel J. Hansen: Drug Policy: Why Legalization Should Prevail
Greenwald 2009, p. When economic theory, application, cost-benefit analysis, and historical proof are all considered, a preferred policy should prevail
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Graeme Gillespie, Matt WestGraeme Gillespie, Matt West
Evaluation of Impacts of Bushfire on the Spotted Tree Frog Litoria spenceri in the Taponga River Catchment, Northeast Victoria
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Kritikal Korea CompiledKritikal Korea Compiled
Plan: The United States federal government should withdraw its military presence from the Republic of Korea
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Spectacular WarfareSpectacular Warfare
United States was at war against a nation that had vowed to make global terrorist attacks on U. S. citizens. Speculation that the Super Bowl might be an ideal target fueled suggestions that the game should be postponed
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