Travel guides to colonial americaTravel guides to colonial america
Great Plains, the Pacific Northwest, the Northeast /Atlantic Coast, the Mississippi Corridor, and the Desert Southwest. The Travel Guides will contain descriptions of the communities that developed and changed over a period of approximately
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Nebamun, who lived in the city of Thebes around 1325 bc. Nebamun was a scribe in charge of grain collection for the city. The tomb would have been built before Nebamun died as a safe place for his mummified body and some of his belongings
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Name Date Colonial Times: pages 6-11Name Date Colonial Times: pages 6-11
When did colonial times begin?
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Comparing life on a Medieval Manor and your modern day \"Manor\"Comparing life on a Medieval Manor and your modern day "Manor"
Feudalism we learned about life within a Medieval Manor as well as life in the city. We learned who lived on the manor, where they lived, what they ate, their jobs, and how each person depended on one another to survive
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Author: Leslie LópezAuthor: Leslie López
Years later after the civil rights movement, textbooks began to discuss slavery as a historical issue of major importance to the United States. As a result, slavery continues to be a sensitive part of our American history
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Louis sacharLouis sachar
Everyone enjoys puzzles. Make a crossword puzzle using the following vocabulary from the novel
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This text comes from “Virtual Tourist”, a web site for travelersThis text comes from “Virtual Tourist”, a web site for travelers
What impressions does the author give of this city? Circle the appropriate adjectives
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