Status and prospects of technology foresight in Germany after ten yearsStatus and prospects of technology foresight in Germany after ten years
Participation of the general public, a broader definition of "ex-pertise" and the notion of networking inside the different communities, bringing together interdisciplinary knowledge, are the major goals of the new foresight proc-esess
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22: Stuart Hall: Cultural Identity and Diaspora22: Stuart Hall: Cultural Identity and Diaspora
From J. Rutherford, ed., Identity: Community, culture, difference, Lawrence & Wishart: London, 1990, pp. 222-37
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Plan b: How to rescue the European Constitution Andrew DuffPlan b: How to rescue the European Constitution Andrew Duff
European Union to meet the demands of the 21st Century and the aspirations of a large majority of its citizens. Without the constitution, Europe will lack internal cohesion and external strength, and the Union’s development into a mature
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The Constitutional Convention IntroductionThe Constitutional Convention Introduction
Constitutional governments are organized in such a way that one person or group cannot get enough power to dominate the government. Two common ways to do this are
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Abraham Lincoln First Inaugural Address (1861)Abraham Lincoln First Inaugural Address (1861)
In compliance with a custom as old as the Government itself, I appear before you to address you briefly and to take in your presence the oath prescribed by the Constitution of the United States to be taken by the President before he enters on the execution of
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Republican Party Platform of 1860 May 17, 1860Republican Party Platform of 1860 May 17, 1860
Resolved, That we, the delegated representatives of the Republican electors of the United States in Convention assembled, in discharge of the duty we owe to our constituents and our country, unite in the following declarations
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4. 6 One with God’s Creation4. 6 One with God’s Creation
We are called to be one with each other and the earth community. The unit focuses on developing an understanding of our responsibility to care for God’s creation
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Essay by Celine ClarkEssay by Celine Clark
It deeply influenced views of other aspects of slave life including family mores, religion, music, folk tales, art, and the nature and extent of slave resistance to oppression
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Chapter 1 OutlineChapter 1 Outline
Domesticity roles of the Native Americans were discussed to give a comparison to the European roles of domesticity. This goes further to see how the Europeans thought of native societies
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Define the following termsDefine the following terms
The environment selects for desirable traits. It is the mechanism for “descent of modification”
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Weber ht ndt 7 vs uco vy 1ACWeber ht ndt 7 vs uco vy 1AC
Spanos 2k (William V, Professor of English at Binghamton University, America’s Shadow, p. 10-13)
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Transformation and Management of xml dataTransformation and Management of xml data
The use of Extensible Markup Language (xml), which use in the last few years has grown enormously due to its flexibility and the many applications supporting this format, promises to solve at least some of these problems
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Reading Guide Vocabulary Society of the Cincinnati DisestablishedReading Guide Vocabulary Society of the Cincinnati Disestablished
How does religion change/stay the same in the states after the American Revolution?
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Pausing strategies in discourse in dutchPausing strategies in discourse in dutch
Speakers apply these means in different ways to achieve pausing, by using one specific pause type or a combination of more than one
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Gender, Inequality and Power CommissionGender, Inequality and Power Commission
But even where the numbers are more encouraging, increasing the proportion of women in parliaments may not translate into effective influence over policy, or may not translate into policies that challenge gender hierarchies
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