The Abolition MovementThe Abolition Movement
Over time, abolitionists grew more vocal about their demands for ending slavery, and, in response, slave owners fought more earnestly to entrench the existence of slavery. This fueled regional hostility that ultimately led to the American
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Deep ParaPolitics & Esoteric-Occult High-Strangeness Surrounding 911Deep ParaPolitics & Esoteric-Occult High-Strangeness Surrounding 911
Fbi agent John O'Neil who died mysteriously on 9/11, was at a Madrid Spain counter terror conference the week after some of the hijackers had been in the *same* hotel
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The Stockdale ParadoxThe Stockdale Paradox
Confronting the adversity of their current reality enabled organizations to make realistic assessments of their existing state so as to allocate energies and reserves to better face each challenge as it came
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Confront the Brutal Facts (yet never lose faith)Confront the Brutal Facts (yet never lose faith)
Session 1 looked at: Level 5 Leadership – the two key ingredients were Personal Humility and Professional Will. We learnt the Mirror and Window style of attributing success and blame
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The Politics of Civil War Memory Benjamin SoskisThe Politics of Civil War Memory Benjamin Soskis
Should the focus instead be on the suffering and heroism of those who fought its battles? Should it be considered a tragic mistake or a necessary purgation? How should the losers—Confederate soldiers and officials—be memorialized?
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Multiracial Sansei: Effects of wwii campsMultiracial Sansei: Effects of wwii camps
Multiracial Sansei may have unique experiences in relation to both intergenerational communication and transmission of culture and racial discrimination that may differentially characterize the intergenerational effects of the camps on ethnic/racial
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Pastor Jeremy M. Thomas Fredericksburg Bible Church 107 East Austin Fredericksburg, Texas 78624Pastor Jeremy M. Thomas Fredericksburg Bible Church 107 East Austin Fredericksburg, Texas 78624
Minor Prophets in particular. We have a real weakness when it comes to the ot but if you really want to know where we’re weak just look at the Minor Prophets. These are a real enigma. Just ask any Christian what Habakkuk is about
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