Name Character NotesName Character Notes
Rather than having evidence of loyalty, Flavius has evidence of a lack of loyalty towards Caesar. He does not understand why the commoners would abandon their trades, who they are, for the sake of rejoicing in Caesar
75.65 Kb. 1
Tricke-business: Malcontents in the MatrixTricke-business: Malcontents in the Matrix
All fixed, fast-frozen relationships, with their train of venerable ideas and opinions, are swept away, all new-formed ones become obsolete before they can ossify
62.71 Kb. 1
Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus ChristGrace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ
Today we begin Chapter Seven. We journey with Israel as they enter into the Promised Land and the events of the conquest of that land. It won’t be an easy journey
17.55 Kb. 1
He penetrated virtually every sec- tor of German society, from film, radio, posters, and rallies to school textbooks with Nazi propaganda about the dominance of the Aryan people and the threat posed by the Jews
39.5 Kb. 1
Life on the HomeFrontLife on the HomeFront
Harsh punishment and strict regulations ensued the blackout for those who did not adhere to the rules, esp finding themseves paying a hefty fine or finding themselves in court from letting out even a sliver of light
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