Post-singularity and primitive intelligencePost-singularity and primitive intelligence
The argument of post-singularity states that evolution can be hastened to advance towards a more desirable direction once it is released from its biological inhibitors. To hasten this process intelligence must be maximally pushed to its
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Answers to questionsAnswers to questions
Second, the income statement helps users of the financial statements to determine the risk (level of uncertainty) of income—revenues, expenses, gains, and losses—and highlights the relationship among these various components
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May 26, 2014 Superpowers Don\May 26, 2014 Superpowers Don't Get to Retire What our tired country still owes the world By Robert Kagan I
But collectively they are a sign that something is changing, and perhaps more quickly than we may imagine. They may signal a transition into a different world order or into a world disorder of a kind not seen since the 1930s
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Study on ipv6 MigrationStudy on ipv6 Migration
The dynamics of Internet broadband access, on-line electronics and sensor networks
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The University as CitizenThe University as Citizen
Can the academy reinvigorate its central mission amid difficult and confusing circumstances? Higher education has chosen such resourcefulness in the past renewing its dedication to bringing the powers of cultivated intellect to bear on the
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Exercise 6 (Chapters 16-17-18) Econ 202 Macroeconomic Theory G. Ertan ÖzgüzerExercise 6 (Chapters 16-17-18) Econ 202 Macroeconomic Theory G. Ertan Özgüzer
Explain what decisions and calculations a firm must make when it is considering the purchase of new capital
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War, imperialism and resistance from belowWar, imperialism and resistance from below
Let me thank the Global Studies Association for inviting me to speak on the occasion of its Third Annual Conference. It is an honor to speak before a distinguished assembly of scholars
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Security a permanent challenge for citiesSecurity a permanent challenge for cities
Toute reproduction et rediffusion de nos fichiers est interdite, même avec la mention de leur provenance, sans l’autorisation formelle, écrite, du fondateur des Classiques des sciences sociales, Jean-Marie Tremblay, sociologue
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Executive SummaryExecutive Summary
Eac provides assistance by disbursing, administering, and auditing Federal funds for States to implement hava requirements; conducting studies and other activities to promote the effective administration of Federal elections
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East Asian Crisis: SummaryEast Asian Crisis: Summary
Gdp. Similarly dramatic turnarounds were seen in Korea and Thailand. The second quarter 1997 trade surplus in Korea was 2% of gdp; one year subsequent it was 13. 8% of gdp. The second quarter 1997 trade surplus in Thaliand was 2% of gdp
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Foucault kritikFoucault kritik
The aff’s attempt to restrain a small element of the surveillance state normalizes its existence as a whole and causes the corporate surveillance to fill in that results in a depoliticized populace that embraces the panoptic gaze of
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Corporate data surveillance and government collusion fills in for prism that turns the aff and widens the panoptic gaze of the surveillance stateCorporate data surveillance and government collusion fills in for prism that turns the aff and widens the panoptic gaze of the surveillance state
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More on katynMore on katyn
Goebbels of Hitler's Germany, in April this year they celebrated 70 years of the alleged shooting of Polish soldiers in Katyn. To this fictitious "anniversary" also flew Polish President Kaczynski to Smolensk region
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State of florida department of environmental protectionState of florida department of environmental protection
Emergency Final Order (“Order”) pursuant to Sections 120. 569(2)(n), 373. 026, 373. 086, 373. 439 and 373. 119(2), Florida Statutes (“F. S.”), containing the following Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law
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