The Cold War and the Pledge of AllegianceThe Cold War and the Pledge of Allegiance
Students practiced “duck and cover” exercises for protection from a bomb’s flying debris. A turtle, named Bert, was featured in a popular civil defense film that instructed millions of children on what to do to survive a communist attack
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Lecture on the Gilded Age (1877-1895) Industrial Action!Lecture on the Gilded Age (1877-1895) Industrial Action!
America in the late 19th century became united in fact as well as in name. Industrial development transformed the lives of all Americans, from factory workers to farmers”
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Source: New York GraphicSource: New York Graphic
E. H. Harriman, to name a few. Before 1860 there were few millionaires in the United States, but by 1900 there were more than four thousand
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Rights of the peopleRights of the people
Others, however, aware of the explicit rights guaranteed in earlier documents such as the British Bill of Rights (1689) and the Virginia Declaration of Rights in 1776
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