Suzanne W. Barnett Fall 2005 Wyatt 144 (253) 879-3168; home (253) 752-8107 m w f, 12: 00-12: 50Suzanne W. Barnett Fall 2005 Wyatt 144 (253) 879-3168; home (253) 752-8107 m w f, 12: 00-12: 50
Historical Perspective. The course also counts toward the major-minor in History and counts toward requirements in the Asian Studies Program. For the core and for credit in History and/or Asian Studies
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Course descriptionsCourse descriptions
The course will utilize both lectures and lab experiments to study the biochemical processes of alcoholic fermentation. Areas of investigation will include yeast culture, carbohydrate chemistry, chemical composition of malt extracts
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Education is radically about loveEducation is radically about love
I think it’s important for people to be known by what they love and not what they hate. Luckily, I hate very little and love very much
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Hist 419: American Social and Intellectual HistoryHist 419: American Social and Intellectual History
Course description: This course surveys the social and intellectual currents and ideas that influence and inform the American people
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Overview economics with Financial Literacy is a blended classOverview economics with Financial Literacy is a blended class
Edmodo. We will use our class time to enhance the material being covered by having lectures, discussions, activities, projects and testing. Students will need to join my Edmodo class in order to facilitate this course
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Professor: Larry AtkinsProfessor: Larry Atkins
The asja guide to Freelance Writing (St. Martin's Press). He teaches editorial writing, news writing, and public affairs journalism at Temple University, and he teaches journalism at Arcadia University
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Instructor and course informationInstructor and course information
Other Requirements Satisfied: May be used for partial fulfillment of elective requirements for Classical Studies minor
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Office Hours: By Appointment only, through a previously scheduled Chat session using Adobe Connect. Please be aware that I do not have an office at fiu
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Marketing and public relationsMarketing and public relations
Target audience: Young people 16 to 18 years old as well as those who required a supported route into employment aged 19 to 24 years, were the main target audience
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