2 Corinthians 8: 1-152 Corinthians 8: 1-15
Lord and, by the will of God, to us, 6so that we might urge Titus that, as he had already made a beginning, so he should also complete this generous undertaking among you
16.24 Kb. 1
University of StellenboschUniversity of Stellenbosch
These Pauline instructions are investigated against the backdrop of both the first-century ce context and post-Apartheid South Africa
111.36 Kb. 2
Natural Church Development IntroductionNatural Church Development Introduction
Roman Empire. Hoping to stifle the Church completely, the emperor Diocletian in 303 began the last and fiercest of the persecutions
225.01 Kb. 5
Pacific manuscripts bureauPacific manuscripts bureau
Theses for the degree of Bachelor of Theology and other staff and student papers and assignments held in the cltc library, Banz, 1980-2009
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