Importancia de los documentos históricos fundamentalesImportancia de los documentos históricos fundamentales
In this lesson, students analyze the founding documents and gain an understanding of the intent, meaning, and importance of the Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution
38.27 Kb. 1
La anexión de Texas a los Estados UnidosLa anexión de Texas a los Estados Unidos
Students will explain the events that led to annexation of Texas to the United States including the impact of the U. S. Mexican War. Students will illustrate the different points of view concerning the Mexican War
32.99 Kb. 1
¡Llegan los británicos!¡Llegan los británicos!
Indian War and the Boston Tea Party. Students create an illustrated and annotated timeline of these issues and events. The annotation provides students an opportunity to organize their thoughts about the cause and effect relationships between
51.93 Kb. 1
Economía de las coloniasEconomía de las colonias
In this lesson students examine economic patterns of colonial America. Students make connections between industries, available resources in the area
46.69 Kb. 1
La Declaración de DerechosLa Declaración de Derechos
Students learn about the U. S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights and compare the documents to the Texas documents
50.83 Kb. 1
Desarrollo de las coloniasDesarrollo de las colonias
New England, Middle and Southern colonies and reasons for coming to the New World. This lesson investigates where and why the English colonists settled in America
46.96 Kb. 1
La Guerra de 1812La Guerra de 1812
This lesson focuses on the war of 1812. It focuses on causes and effects, and on using primary sources. American symbols related to the War of 1812 are included. Students recognize political, economic, geographic
68.99 Kb. 1
Bases de nuestro gobiernoBases de nuestro gobierno
Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. Students also learn about several Founding Fathers, including Benjamin Franklin, and their contributions to communities that have influenced history
53.04 Kb. 1
Cómo resolver un problemaCómo resolver un problema
George Washington Carver. Students examine the life of George Washington Carver and other innovators including those in the local community to learn about and use problem-solving skills and imagine themselves as problem-solvers and
90.05 Kb. 1
¿Quién hace mejor a las comunidades?¿Quién hace mejor a las comunidades?
Students learn through historical figures who exemplify good citizenship the importance of the characteristics of good citizenship and acts of civic responsibility
65.38 Kb. 1
Declaración de IndependenciaDeclaración de Independencia
Allegiance and singing the Star Spangled Banner. The lesson provides a brief overview of the documents that led the United States as it became a free and independent nation
56.91 Kb. 1

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