Government in England and in the Thirteen ColoniesGovernment in England and in the Thirteen Colonies
In 1760, Americans in the 13 colonies were proud to be ruled by Great Britain. After all, Great Britain was the world’s most powerful nation. As you read this chapter
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The Battles of Lexington and ConcordThe Battles of Lexington and Concord
Colonel James Barrett, Colonel John Buttrick, Dr. Joseph Warren, John Parker, William Heath
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Loyalist vs. Patriot Essay 11 thLoyalist vs. Patriot Essay 11 th
You must support your position with information from each of the source materials. Your response will be read and scored by trained readers
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Background to the American RevolutionBackground to the American Revolution
I. Development of the American Personality
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The War for Independence, 1774 – 1783 Chapter 6The War for Independence, 1774 – 1783 Chapter 6
After the Boston Tea Party, most observers recognized the upcoming crisis but, many still hoped for a peaceful solution
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