Naturalization Test Pilot Civics QuestionsNaturalization Test Pilot Civics Questions
A: Answers will vary. [For District of Columbia residents and residents of U. S. territories, the
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Name Subject Date BlockName Subject Date Block
Atlantic Ocean. In 1501 Vespucci became convinced that Columbus had not reached Asia but had discovered a "new world." A german mapmaker labeled the continents across the ocean as in his honor
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What Happened to the Lenni Lenape? Grade Level: 3-5 Lesson CreatorWhat Happened to the Lenni Lenape? Grade Level: 3-5 Lesson Creator
Objective: Students will be able to describe the causes and effects relating to why the Lenni Lenape moved away from New Jersey
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Colonial CraftsmenColonial Craftsmen
Craftsmen came to America on every boat from England. Jamestown had glass blowers by 1608. John Alden, a cooper, came over on the Mayflower
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