The American RevolutionThe American Revolution
Many American Indians helped the French – why British call it the “French and Indian War”
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The Revolutionary WarThe Revolutionary War
America it didn’t have a plan on how the colonies would be governed. Some colonies governed themselves. Other colonies were governed by the King's officials. The King insisted on his right to create laws governing the colonies
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Teacher: class: 8 thTeacher: class: 8 th
Declaration of Independence, creation and ratification of the Constitution, religious revivals such as the Second Great Awakening, early republic, the Age of Jackson, westward expansion, reform movements, sectionalism, Civil War, and
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The nationalist movement in indo-chinaThe nationalist movement in indo-china
What did France do to increase cultivation in Vietnam? How did it affect the rice cultivation by 1931?
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The Colonists Resist Tighter Control: Prelude to the Revolutionary WarThe Colonists Resist Tighter Control: Prelude to the Revolutionary War
Americans together. They formed an alliance to protect their lands, west of the Appalachians Mountains. In May 1763, Pontiac’s men began attacking settlers and British forts throughout the area
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