Understanding American Citizenship: Chinese Immigration in the United StatesUnderstanding American Citizenship: Chinese Immigration in the United States
Chinese Immigration in the United States starting with the Gold Rush in 1849 to the Census in 2010. Topics to be touched upon include discrimination, citizenship, immigration laws, industrial revolution, working conditions, Communism
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China to America: The Immigrant ExperienceChina to America: The Immigrant Experience
Know the effects of industrialization on living and working conditions, including the portrayal of working conditions and food safety in Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle
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Trampling city\Trampling city's history 'Gangs' misses point of Five Points by Pete Hamill, New York Daily News 12-15-2002
For years before the great British novelist paid his visit, and for decades afterwards, the Five Points was the most notorious slum in America. Even Dickens, who was familiar with the urban horrors of the London slums, was appalled
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Historical Scene Investigations (hsi): Immigration InfluxHistorical Scene Investigations (hsi): Immigration Influx
With the discovery of gold and the increasing need for transcontinental travel, a new workforce based in immigration developed in the mid-1800’s. Two large groups that populated America as a result were the Chinese and the Irish
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