The Mongols in ChinaThe Mongols in China
Chinese in low positions in the government, he abolished the civil service exams, preferred to use Chinese in his bureaucracy and established separate rules for the Mongols and for the Chinese. His capital, present-day Beijing
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Lecture Eighteen The World in 1450 ScopeLecture Eighteen The World in 1450 Scope
Byzantine Empire. Change in the Middle East highlighted the rise of the Ottoman Turks, a development with implications for Europe and Russia as well. Quite coincidentally, changes in the Americas prepared for later shifts in the global mix
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Mechanics -4 104/108Mechanics -4 104/108
Summary: The Birth of Paul Bunyan is an American Tall Tale that tells about the birth of Paul Bunyan, an enormous baby. The story exaggerates Paul’s large size and needs as a baby
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