Dealing with Child Abuse, the Red HerringDealing with Child Abuse, the Red Herring
Attention is deflected from the context of poverty in which most families live who are reported to the agency
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Review of the LiteratureReview of the Literature
Youth may also be placed in an out-of-home placement because of delinquency and the parent's inability to address the needs of their children’s delinquent and/or high risk behavior
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I. Summary SheetI. Summary Sheet
The higher a family’s socioeconomic class, the more likely they will view child abuse as inappropriate
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Child Welfare in Sweden an overviewChild Welfare in Sweden an overview
Scandinavian welfare state model is also characterised by a "universal approach" approach (directed to all, not to stigmatise the few) in opposite to a "residual approach"
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The Changing American Family PortraitThe Changing American Family Portrait
I must confess to you today that not long after talking about the dream, I started seeing it turn into a nightmare as I moved through the ghettos of the nation and saw my black brothers and sisters perishing on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean
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Guide to Periodical LiteratureGuide to Periodical Literature
There I was confronted by a startling finding. An examination of the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature and the Social Science and Humanities Index showed that absolutely no articles on “child abuse”
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Yearning to Breathe Free in the Land of OpportunityYearning to Breathe Free in the Land of Opportunity
American sectors, such as education, child welfare, and social services effectively keep innocent youth, particularly undocumented children and the American-born children of undocumented families
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The child welfare conundrum sparrow lake alliance children in limbo task forceThe child welfare conundrum sparrow lake alliance children in limbo task force
This publication is dedicated to the memory of Paul David Steinhauer, child psychiatrist, educator, mentor, who died on May 27, 2000
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