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Core document forming part of the reports of States Parties : Barbados. 25/06/98
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How the implied constitutional freedom of communication on government and political matter may require the development of the principles of open justiceHow the implied constitutional freedom of communication on government and political matter may require the development of the principles of open justice
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Ounces of PreventionOunces of Prevention
When Pieter Paul Rubens entered the Brussels’ home of fellow diplomat Alessandro Scaglia he was surprised to find his friend and patron, Nicolaas Rockox of Antwerp, deep in conversation with the abate
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Initial Measures of New RegimeInitial Measures of New Regime
President Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, while on a visit to Communist China, was deposed on Feb. 24 as the result of swift action in an Army coup which established in power a National Liberation Council led by Major-General Joseph A
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Security through Human RightsSecurity through Human Rights
Freedom, justice and peace are of course in turn the very values that are at stake in the current global debate about security. Security is about freedom, about justice, and certainly about peace
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A comparative Look at Two FilmsA comparative Look at Two Films
This paper will seek to compare and contrast the portrayal of Klan members in the films Birth of a Nation by D. W. Griffith and o brother Where Art Thou by the Coen brothers
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Reconstruction Putting Humpty {America} Back Together AgainReconstruction Putting Humpty {America} Back Together Again
South, though in silence and stillness, until the now far-distant day shall arrive for just retribution for Yankee usurpation, oppression and atrocious outrages, and for deliverance and vengeance for the now ruined
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The High Court, The Constitution and Australian Politics Book LaunchThe High Court, The Constitution and Australian Politics Book Launch
Australia. Professor Galligan, who has written a chapter on the Barwick Court, is a distinguished Australian political scientist and I congratulate the editors, Rosalind Dixon and George Williams
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Chapter X: Hesitating Between Two Worlds1Chapter X: Hesitating Between Two Worlds1
Emmett. As if Mamie Till Bradley could not recognize her baby, even though half his face had been shot away and his body submerged for three days in the pink silt of the Tallahatchie Rive
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Chronology of events relating to the salem witchcraft trialsChronology of events relating to the salem witchcraft trials
Glover is arrested and tried for bewitching the Goodwin children. Reverend Cotton Mather meets twice with Glover following her arrest in an attempt to persuade her to repent her witchcraft. Glover is hanged
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Lesson plan template top of FormLesson plan template top of Form
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Constitutional DemocracyConstitutional Democracy
Thirty-nine delegates approved the Constitution on September 17, 1787. The final product of the convention is a short document that lays the foundation for a new government
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Hong kong human rights monitorHong kong human rights monitor
Republic of China. It moves from being a dependency of the country which gave birth to the common law to being part of a country where less than 20 years ago law itself was regarded as an objectionable bourgeois concept incompatible with the official ideology of
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Heather E. HodgesHeather E. Hodges
The article also examines the demographic, partisan, and ideological correlates of opinion on energy issues. It concludes with a discussion of how energy disasters influence both public opinion and public policy
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What is a quality judiciary?* Steven RaresWhat is a quality judiciary?* Steven Rares
This can be to determine whether a person has transgressed a law or rule and, if they have, to decide the consequences, or it can be simply to adjudicate the correct legal outcome of disputed facts or legal contentions
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