Trebuchet-Destruction from AfarTrebuchet-Destruction from Afar
The first form of trebuchets were used in the early centuries as early as 500 bc in China. The most advanced trebuchets so excelled in range and accuracy that they were still used a century after the introduction of gunpowder cannons
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Rules for \"siege\" and \"cry havoc\"Rules for "siege" and "cry havoc"
Bob Gingell. The games were initially published in France by Jeux Rexton in 1984, then later by Eurogames. “Cry Havoc” was originally published in 1981, and “Siege” in 1983, both by Standard Games and Publications Ltd of England
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Name: CastlesName: Castles
When it comes to structures that are both majestic and well-fortified, the classic European castle is the pinnacle of design. Across the ages castles changed, developed, and eventually fell out of use
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Knights and CastlesKnights and Castles
The term "knight" originates from the Anglo-Saxon name for a boy: "cniht". Indeed, most early knights were not much more than hired "boys" who performed military service and took oaths of loyalty to any well-to-do nobleman or warlord offering the most promise of
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Tripods 1 The White Mountains John Christopher (1967)Tripods 1 The White Mountains John Christopher (1967)
My father, if he was not busy milling, would stalk out at this time with some contemptuous remark about gossip; but later, in the evening, I would hear my mother passing the stories on to him. He did not show much enthusiasm
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