Phil2649: Major Essay: Brendan Burnett (311202969): Question/TopicPhil2649: Major Essay: Brendan Burnett (311202969): Question/Topic
Question/Topic: Discuss and interpret Pyrrhonean Scepticism in the context of classical epistemology. Argue either for its incoherence or for its legitimacy as a form of epistemic method and virtue
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Modernist and Postmodernist FictionModernist and Postmodernist Fiction
Please contact me by email rather than my office phone number or any other method
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Publications for Daniel Anlezark 2015Publications for Daniel Anlezark 2015
Anlezark, D. (2015). From Elegy to Lyric: Changing Emotion in Early English Poetry. In Michael Champion, Andrew Lynch (Eds.), Understanding Emotions in Early Europe, (pp. 73-98). Turnhout: Brepols Publishers. [More Information]
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The Ingredients of StructureThe Ingredients of Structure
Anglo-Saxon poetry is alliterative rather than rhyming. Alliteration refers to repeating identical consonants, particularly in stressed syllables. For example
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Viet thanh nguyen • curriculum vitaeViet thanh nguyen • curriculum vitae
Assistant Professor, Department of English and Program in American Studies & Ethnicity, University of Southern California, 1997-2003
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War and Peace in Catholic Social TeachingWar and Peace in Catholic Social Teaching
We then focus on specific twentieth-century papal documents that have addressed issues of war and peace in our time. We offer this overview to establish the context for the pronouncements of the U. S
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Greek Theatre – Lysistrata by Aristophanes Roman TheatreGreek Theatre – Lysistrata by Aristophanes Roman Theatre
Roman Theatre – Plays by Plautus like Amphitryon
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Topics in ancient philosophyTopics in ancient philosophy
Ma students without previous acquaintance with ancient philosophy should especially read the two items of secondary reading listed below under ‘Preparatory Reading’
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Midterm Aristotle \"Poetics\"Midterm Aristotle "Poetics"
As an example, I will examine the applications of the principles, and structural forms like unity, catharsis, hamartia and imitation defined by Aristotle in David Rimmer’s play “New York” and Tennessee Williams play “a street Car Named
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Recent work on Virgil’s Aeneid Book 6Recent work on Virgil’s Aeneid Book 6
This resource is designed to give you a swift and honest appraisal of current scholarship pertaining to Aeneid Book It comes with some caveats
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Latin Stage 6 Continuers Syllabus ResourcesLatin Stage 6 Continuers Syllabus Resources
Adkins, L, & Adkins, J, Dictionary of Roman Religion, Facts on File Inc, usa, 1996
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Selected Bibliography Adkin, Neil \"More Yukky Virgil: Aeneid 2,410-15\"Selected Bibliography Adkin, Neil "More Yukky Virgil: Aeneid 2,410-15"
Adkin, Neil "Sinon on his 'pal' Palamedes (Virgil, 'Aeneid' II 81-104)" acd 47 (2011) 155-169
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Vce ancient history Units 1- 4Vce ancient history Units 1- 4
Some of the print resources contained in this list may be out of print. They have been included because they may still be available from libraries, bookshops and private collections
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Yoon sun leeYoon sun lee
Review of Kevin Gilmartin, Writing Against Revolution: Literary Conservatism in Britain, 1790-1832, Nineteenth-Century Literature 62, 3: 415-418
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Publications for Melissa Hardie 2015Publications for Melissa Hardie 2015
Hardie, M. (2015). Post-Structuralism: Originators and Heirs. In Scott Herring (Eds.), The Cambridge Companion to American Gay and Lesbian Literature, (pp. 206-223). New York: Cambridge University Press. [More Information]
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