The power of plato’s caveThe power of plato’s cave
Penultimate draft, forthcoming in Plato and the Power of Images, eds. P. Destree and R. Edmonds, Brill
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Unit III (1914-1945): Modernisms and World WarUnit III (1914-1945): Modernisms and World War
His many legs, miserably thin in comparison to his size otherwise, flickered helplessly before his eyes.’ (p. 29.)
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Prudence as Part of a Worldview: Historical and conceptual dimensionsPrudence as Part of a Worldview: Historical and conceptual dimensions
What is most desirable for each and every man is the highest he is capable of attaining
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Tutor: Peter BoxallTutor: Peter Boxall
The seminars will combine critical discussion with workshopping exercises, designed to test utopian ideas in practical writing environments
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