World History/GeographyWorld History/Geography
The colonies produced crops which could be used by businesses in the mother country: cotton, sugar cane, indigo, coffee, cacao, tea, hemp, sisal, etc
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Nib aff 1ac Advantages and PlanNib aff 1ac Advantages and Plan
Donohue, 11 president and chief executive officer of the us chamber of Commerce
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Normalizing India – Pakistan Trade Relations1Normalizing India – Pakistan Trade Relations1
South Asia region. Consequently, the region remains marginalized in regional trade integration compared to other regions of the world. The foregone benefits to the people inhabiting these countries of South Asia are substantial
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Alexandrova Evgenia, PhD, docentAlexandrova Evgenia, PhD, docent
Recently as more companies, organisations and governments have had to deal internationally the value placed on cultural awareness has increased
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The Fall of the PharaohThe Fall of the Pharaoh
Dina Shehata is Senior Researcher at the Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies [1], in Cairo
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Jaime V. Ongpin Memorial LectureJaime V. Ongpin Memorial Lecture
This lecture will highlight some key strands of these challenges for consideration and discussion by the business community and civil society so that they may be able to generate policy options and contribute inputs to help guide the Philippines toward its
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Historic Chicago events, 1847-1996Historic Chicago events, 1847-1996
From the June day in 1847 that the Chicago Daily Tribune first published, it has chronicled Chicago's development into a major metropolitan area and the region's relationship with the rest of the nation and the world
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