Oladuah Equiano, The Life of Gustavus Vassa (1789)Oladuah Equiano, The Life of Gustavus Vassa (1789)
British slavers, who shipped him to Barbados and then took him to Virginia. After serving a British naval officer, he was sold to a Quaker merchant from Philadelphia who allowed him to purchase his freedom in 1766
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Cultural Groups— Jomon Yanoi EpochCultural Groups— Jomon Yanoi Epoch
Great Britain. They are separated by a significant amount of water from mainland China — 250 miles apart at the narrowest point
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Author: Cynthia B. Goldberg SchoolAuthor: Cynthia B. Goldberg School
Did America really welcome European immigrants to its shores between the years of 1840 and 1925?
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N. A. Vavilov aspects of british historyN. A. Vavilov aspects of british history
The book contains an overview of the most important events in British history – from the first documented invasions of the island to the formation and fall of the British colonial empire
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Big businessBig business
Vertical integration occurs when a company controls both the production and distribution of its product. For example, Andrew Carnegie used vertical integration to gain control over the U. S. steel industry
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Shadow Warriors Submarine Special Operations in World War TwoShadow Warriors Submarine Special Operations in World War Two
Army and Marine Corps field commanders in making timely, informed decisions. In that role, submarines pave the way for the effective employment of special covert forces and insulate those same forces from unnecessary risks during the initial phases of guerrilla
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Geography of Europe (section 1) If you were there…Geography of Europe (section 1) If you were there…
The river also gives you a way to get to the sea and to trade with villages farther inland. You love your village and think it’s the perfect place to live. But your favorite uncle, the one everyone looks up to, says he is very worried
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Booming Business, Ailing AgricultureBooming Business, Ailing Agriculture
Sharp recession struck, in 1920 after the wartime defense contracts were halted and veterans returned to the job market. It recovered by 1922 unemployment down to 3%
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English language beyond languageEnglish language beyond language
When people talk, they don't stop short at language. They use their voices in ways that go along with language. People also talk with their bodies. And they use substitutes for language
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