The War of 1812 Date: June 18, 1812 February 15, 1815. LocationsThe War of 1812 Date: June 18, 1812 February 15, 1815. Locations
American weakness. When George Washington insisted that London observe neutral rights on the high seas, privileges then unrecognized in international law, the two nations were placed on a course toward confrontation
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Self-guided toursSelf-guided tours
How to use this guide: Fort Edmonton Park encourages you to use this guide as a starting point to exploring the park. You will find small tidbits of information as well as suggestions of buildings to visit and questions to ask the costumed interpreters you will find
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Liverpool as a Diasporic CityLiverpool as a Diasporic City
Russians, suspicious and sullen, … Finns and Poles, men of fierce and haughty natures, … Germans, quiet and inoffensive, brave and determined … the flaxen-haired Scandinavians, paragon of nature’s handiwork, erect and stately.’1
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Scotland and the Impact of the Great War, 1914-1928 Exemplar 2Scotland and the Impact of the Great War, 1914-1928 Exemplar 2
Empire Settlement Policy. The 1931 census showed a drop in Scotland's population for the first time since official records began in1801. The use of emigration to ease unemployment in Scotland in the 1920s was not viewed favourably by all
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11th Grade Immigration Inquiry11th Grade Immigration Inquiry
Raymond O. Evans, cartoon about immigration, “The Americanese Wall—as Congressman John Lawson] Burnett Would Build It,” Puck, March 25, 1916. Public domain
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Oladuah Equiano, The Life of Gustavus Vassa (1789)Oladuah Equiano, The Life of Gustavus Vassa (1789)
British slavers, who shipped him to Barbados and then took him to Virginia. After serving a British naval officer, he was sold to a Quaker merchant from Philadelphia who allowed him to purchase his freedom in 1766
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