Baofeng uv-5RTips And Hints For Eyes-Free Operation Buddy Brannan, kb5elvBaofeng uv-5RTips And Hints For Eyes-Free Operation Buddy Brannan, kb5elv
Small procedural change for programming odd splits, mentioning the clearing of any ctcss/dcs codes if they aren't needed, as in the example
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Australian Capital TerritoryAustralian Capital Territory
Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Determination of Design of Number Plates 2002
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Tintoretto\Tintoretto's Paintings in the National Gallery Joyce Plesters Part II: Materials and techniques
No. 1130, ‘Christ Washing His Disciples' Feet’, being too large and dark a picture for satisfactory colour reproduction. In Part II black and white photographs are reproduced to scale in Figs. 1 – 4 to serve as an ‘aide-memoire’ to the
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Did you know WelcomeDid you know Welcome
Welcome to xplorer² !! We've got some great tips and tricks for you, so please leave this option on for a while. You'll learn about many small details with big impact on your daily productivity
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10th mountain division (light infantry) and fort drum10th mountain division (light infantry) and fort drum
Welcome to the 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry), America’s light infantry division. We are honored to have you join one of the Nation’s best and most storied units
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