Ap us history: The Book ReviewAp us history: The Book Review
Central to the study of history is the ability to read non-fiction (and fiction) actively and with a purpose. Prior to starting class in August, you are being assigned to read a book and write a review
10.49 Kb. 1
Review of the Michael Shaara historical novel, The Killer AngelsReview of the Michael Shaara historical novel, The Killer Angels
An introduction and thesis that includes an explanation of Shaara’s goal or purpose in writing this historical novel
Review 5.38 Kb. 1
Chapter 7: Communication and EmotionChapter 7: Communication and Emotion
Recognize the negative and positive aspects associated with emotional communication
69.96 Kb. 1
Office Hours: By appointment Online availabilityOffice Hours: By appointment Online availability
58.79 Kb. 1
Syllabus rae 338 women and islamSyllabus rae 338 women and islam
Muslim culture including the perception of women in Islam, the role and rights of women in Islam, female circumcision, honor killing and women’s dress
27.51 Kb. 1
Genre Study: Book ReviewGenre Study: Book Review
Like Atwell, I have to ask, how are book reports improving literacy when they are merely regurgitations of plot summary, and how are they relevant to “real-life”?
130.05 Kb. 3
Instructor: Dr. James NewsomInstructor: Dr. James Newsom
Required Texts: Robert A. Calvert, Arnoldo De Leon, and Gregg Cantrell. The History of Texas. 5th Edition
121.99 Kb. 7


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