Instructor: Mr. ClaytonInstructor: Mr. Clayton
Moby Dick must be your topic. Choose an aspect of the book or movie, create a thesis, and back up your thesis with evidence. Argue your point
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Women in early christianityWomen in early christianity
European society went from tribal to kingdoms. Currently, lay women and scholars have sought to recover and return to the original tenets of Christ’s messages
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A historic Whodunit: If Shakespeare Didn\A historic Whodunit: If Shakespeare Didn't, Who Did? By William s. Niederkorn published: February 10, 2002
It was not the Bard of Stratford-on-Avon. It was Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford
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Fr322 Chénier’sFr322 Chénier’s
Charles IX may be demonstrated. These novelties will then require cross-referencing against later specimens of Revolutionary tragedy, in order to establish the great extent to which Charles IX is preparing for an even greater revolution
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Children\Children's Literature Review
Essay date spring 1999 In the following essay, Kruger contends that the character of Simon in Lord of the Flies--who is often viewed critically as a Christ-like figure--actually has a greater analogue in the figure of Jesus' disciple Simon
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Is god a mathematician? Jeffrey David PairIs god a mathematician? Jeffrey David Pair
The first view is that mathematics is a human creation. The second is that God created mathematics, and humans discover it. I propose a new position that unifies the two: God and the creations of God, are co-creators of mathematics
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Moses His JudicialsMoses His Judicials
Abstract of Laws," called by John Winthrop "Moses his Judicials." Although not itself formally adopted by Massachusetts Bay Colony
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