Impact of new technologies on public organisationsImpact of new technologies on public organisations
For the time being, the basic feature of world economy consists in quick development towards globalisation and use of Information and Communication Technology… 2
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Chapter 22, 23, 24 Test do not write on the test!Chapter 22, 23, 24 Test do not write on the test!
Multiple choice. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question
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Differences, compromises and democratic theoryDifferences, compromises and democratic theory
Prepared for Presentation at the xxxist Annual Meeting of the Finnish Political Science Association
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The Landscape of Enterprise in Colonial VietnamThe Landscape of Enterprise in Colonial Vietnam
Conglomerates”: French-owned enterprises with capital over $1 million francs whose operations were largely but not exclusively based in Vietnam
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Stefan SjöbergStefan Sjöberg
Collective Capital Formation for Economic Democracy; the Fordist History in Germany and Sweden and the Post-fordist future
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The Mind-Body Problem: SummaryThe Mind-Body Problem: Summary
The “mind-body problem” refers to the difficulty of explaining how the mental activities of human beings relate to their living physical organisms
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