Finding a new lifeFinding a new life
In this tercentenary year, the European Methodist Theological Commission offers this update on Wesley’s central theme to the Methodist Churches of Europe and to all seekers after spiritual life
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Coping with typical solvable problemsCoping with typical solvable problems
Areas of marital conflict. These issues are perennials even in very happy and stable marriages because they touch upon some of marriage’s most important work
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Lip Service and Diversity in the Legal Profession: Time for a reality CheckLip Service and Diversity in the Legal Profession: Time for a reality Check
The legal profession is a vital player in shaping our national history. Indeed, the law writes the script for the ongoing American drama, with attorneys and jurists serving as actors connecting society and the law
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From Modernism to ExistentialismFrom Modernism to Existentialism
Franz Kafka, among many others, has been said to be a "precursor" to such philosophy. The way Kafka questions what makes us human and what is necessary for happy existence in his writings puts him clearly in the vein of existentialist
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Islam Online, VirginiaIslam Online, Virginia
It is a natural instinct of the mother and father. Nobody can replace it. Still, parents are not the only ones needed to raise a good child
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