Publications for Iain McCalman 2014Publications for Iain McCalman 2014
Frawley, J., McCalman, I. (2014). Invasion ecologies: the nature/culture challenge. In Jodi Frawley and Iain McCalman (Eds.), Rethinking Invasion Ecologies from the Environmental Humanities, (pp. 3-14). Oxon: Routledge
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Major Topics Covered: Regents ReviewMajor Topics Covered: Regents Review
The Atlantic World and the Americans: Native American groups & European interaction
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Unit 6: The Age of RevolutionsUnit 6: The Age of Revolutions
In order to better understand this agitation for individual rights – and the move away from absolute government power – we’ll look at two revolutionary case studies: the French Revolution and the Haitian Revolution
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Hist 111 Syllabus InstructorHist 111 Syllabus Instructor
It needs a focus and goals and outcomes to be manageable. Other faculty may teach it with other foci and emphases, but what all sections of hist 111 have in common are a common course description and common learning goals
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Publications for Sheila Fitzpatrick 2015Publications for Sheila Fitzpatrick 2015
Fitzpatrick, S. (2015). 'Determined to Get On': Some Displaced Persons on the Way to a Future. History Australia, 12(2), 102-123
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