Chapter summaryChapter summary
The Jacksonian image may have been a bit contrived, but it was a powerful one, and the voters had the feeling that his enemies were their enemies. After all, at different times during his long life he had fought the British, the Spanish
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Cotton, Slavery, and the Old South chapter summaryCotton, Slavery, and the Old South chapter summary
At the same time, there were significant differences within the white society, which were not always apparent to the casual observer. The result was a complex society that has often been romanticized and frequently misunderstood
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Transplantations and Borderlands chapter summaryTransplantations and Borderlands chapter summary
British Empire. It would also contribute to decisions by officials in London to tighten control over their increasingly independent-minded, not to mention increasingly valuable, possessions in the New World
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Chapter summaryChapter summary
Plenty of jobs allowed labor unions to grow quickly. The status and activities of women and minorities were deeply affected. There were shifts toward equality and there were blatant abuses of civil rights
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Industrial SupremacyIndustrial Supremacy
The widespread belief in this “self-made man” theory of rugged individualism would both mollify a good deal of labor discontent and help put off the development of public welfare and occupational health and safety standards for generations
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Chapter 23 America and the Great War chapter summaryChapter 23 America and the Great War chapter summary
Germany. At this point the armies and civilians of the warring nations had suffered mightily. The insertion of fresh American troops and supplies in 1917 probably hastened the end of that suffering, tipping the balance toward the Allies
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Reconstruction and the New South chapter summaryReconstruction and the New South chapter summary
Congress and the new president, Andrew Johnson, struggled with each other, with Congress eventually gaining the upper hand. But the Radical Republicans did not long, if ever, control the process
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Chapter 22 The Battle for National Reform chapter summaryChapter 22 The Battle for National Reform chapter summary
This same duality of beliefs was again evident in Roosevelt’s foreign policy. The man who was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for helping to end war between Russia and Japan also encouraged and aided a revolt in Colombia so he could build a canal
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Chapter 4 The Empire in Transition chapter summaryChapter 4 The Empire in Transition chapter summary
Navigation Acts to end illegal trade and new taxation of the colonists to help pay for both the recent war and the new lands in the west. Both parliamentary actions were seen by the colonists as threats to an independent way of life they had come to accept as
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The Constitution and the New Republic chapter summaryThe Constitution and the New Republic chapter summary
The Federalists also argued that the United States ought to follow the lead of Great Britain in the world at large. Toward that end, the Federalists negotiated the controversial Jay’s Treaty in 1794
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Chapter 2 Transplantations and borderlandsChapter 2 Transplantations and borderlands
Atlantic. The problem was that at the time, the American colonists were developing attitudes and institutions distinctly, England, fully aware of the potential of its colonies, began to tighten its control of its possessions
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The Meeting of CulturesThe Meeting of Cultures
Old World spilled over into the New World as many different nations entered the race for land, colonies, slaves, and profits. By the end of the sixteenth century, the age of discovery was all but over, and the age of colonization
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The Civil WarThe Civil War
The nation was in the process of being knitted together by Republican Party initiatives, including a national bank and a transcontinental railroad. But these internal improvements were far from the only, or even the most important
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