The politics of cartel criminalisation: a pessimistic view from AustraliaThe politics of cartel criminalisation: a pessimistic view from Australia
However, in many instances, the challenges involved in implementing and enforcing a criminal regime in jurisdictions outside of the United States are also only just becoming eviden
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Sextus empiricus outlines of pyrrhonism, Book 1Sextus empiricus outlines of pyrrhonism, Book 1
Sceptic doctrines first premising that of none of our future statements do we positively affirm that the fact is exactly as we state it, but we simply record each fact, like a chronicler, as it appears to us at the moment
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Andrew Carnegie: “Patron Saint of U. S. Libraries”Andrew Carnegie: “Patron Saint of U. S. Libraries”
To these few, he is known as the “Patron Saint of U. S. Libraries,” a philanthropist who provided vast sums of his accumulated wealth to the development of public libraries throughout America
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The socratic doctrine ofThe socratic doctrine of
This work by Professor Burnet is an important step in understanding the introduction of the Soul doctrine to Greco-Roman philosophy and thence to Trinitarian Christianity
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Intellectual Property Law dissertation (lw 556) 2003Intellectual Property Law dissertation (lw 556) 2003
Laddie factors. Where there is an issue of legitimate public concern raised by publication the courts should be hesitant in finding that publication would be unfair
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Ante-nicene fathersAnte-nicene fathers
No Christian scholar has ever before possessed, in faithful versions of such compact form, a supplement so essential to the right understanding of the New Testament itself
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